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McDonald’s Fries Have Been Costing You More Than They Should

Source: Reddit

Life is like a box of fries, you never know what you’re gonna get. One minute you’re pondering the mysteries of the universe, like quantum mechanics and relativity, and the next, you’re trying to wrap your head around how someone can attend a party without realizing there’s a party. These are, according to Donald Rumsfeld, some of the so-called “known unknowns”

But let’s face it, the biggest mystery of them all is the fluctuating price of McDonald’s fries.

It’s like deciphering the Da Vinci Code but with potatoes.

Twitter user, @jimmerUK, otherwise known as “everyone’s favorite Jim,” unlocked the mystery recently.

“So my wife and I were hitting up the Golden Arches for some delicious fries, and she pulls a fast one on me. She orders medium instead of large fries and claims there’s no difference in quantity like it’s some kind of conspiracy theory. I mean, are we talking about the Illuminati controlling the fry sizes now? Either way, I was shook. Is nothing sacred anymore?”

Hold on to your fries, guys, as this might be a real conspiracy after all.


The internet is ablaze with rumors of a McDonald’s fry conspiracy, but fear not, it’s not quite that sinister.

One intrepid investigator, Zimmer, decided to put this theory to the test by weighing medium and large portions of fries in their boxes. The results were staggering: the large had a whopping 18 grams more.

Case closed, right? Wrong!

Zimmer then took a closer look at the price tag and realized that a large portion, which cost $2.84, offered 116% more fries than a medium size, which cost $2.22 but cost 128% more. It’s like a deep-fried math problem from hell.

Don’t let this mind-bending math problem deter you from the truth, though.

Zimmer’s discovery rocked the fast-food world to its greasy core.


He crunched the numbers and found out that buying five portions of medium fries will actually net you more spuds than four large portions, and you’ll save a whopping 21 cents in the process.

To take his math even further, if you go for seven medium portions instead of six large portions, you actually get fewer fries.

If your brain is feeling fried from all this mathematical wizardry, you’re not alone.

Zimmer, the hero we never knew we needed, went above and beyond to uncover the truth about McDonald’s fries.

He even wrote an entire thesis on the subject, complete with a fries calculator, on his blog

You can enter any large portion of fries and calculate how many medium ones you should buy instead. Thanks, Jimmer, we now get to be in charge of our own destinies.


Whatever you think about it, the results are in: it’s actually cheaper to buy a whopping 195 portions of medium fries than it is to buy a measly 167 large fries.

We caught you, McDonald’s!

But let’s not get too comfortable now. You never know when the fast food world will throw us another curveball.


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