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Knots That Everyone Needs To Know

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If you’re a camper or outdoorsman, knot tying is a skill you should know. It might seem like an outdated skill, but it can come in handy in the great outdoors. And if you weren’t a boy scout or sailor you probably don’t know how to tie different knots. Knots are an essential skill to set up a tent, perform first aid, or secure a bag. Practice these with rope at home and then put them to work next time you camp. You’ll be glad you learned them!

                                                                                                      Taut Line

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A taut line knot is a common knot used to secure a tent to the ground, so it will surely come in handy when you’re camping. True to its name, the taut line knot is used on ropes that are pulled taut and do not have slack. The knot can be moved up or down the line and can be adjusted to be tightened or loosened. Try using the taut line knot next time you’re setting up your tent to impress your friends.

                                                                                                   Square Knot

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The square knot is one of the more basic knots and is a good place for beginners to start learning. It’s used most often to tie up bags and packages. But it can also be used to tie a bandage in an emergency first aid situation to stop bleeding so it is immensely useful in any outdoor excursion. This knot is also commonly referred to as the reef knot because it’s used by sailors to tie to reef sails. Whether you’re a sailor or a camper, you will certainly be able to find use for this knot.


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The bowline knot is perhaps the most important knot to know for emergency situations. You’ll want this knot on your side when you’re adventuring out in the wilderness. It’s known as the rescue knot for mountain climbing, fires, or water accidents. Many rock climbers will be familiar with this one. The knot forms a loop that someone can hold onto to be pulled out of emergency dangerous situations. We hope you won’t find yourself needing this knot, but it’s good to know. Better safe than sorry!

                                                                                                Two Half Hitches

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The two half hitches knot is an effective way to tie a rope to a post or tree. Like the taut line, this knot can be easily tightened and/or loosened. You can make a clothesline or tie a boat to a dock. You’ll wrap the rope around the post or tree and loop the rope in a half hitch, twice. You might use this knot when you’re camping or you might tie your boat to the dock.

                                                                                                      Sheet Bend

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The sheet bend knot can be used to tie two ropes of different materials and sizes together. One rope is tied around the other to secure them together. It’s called the sheet bend because it was historically used to hold a sail in place. It’s often used because it is one of the most secure and quickest to tie.


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