Discover the Beauty Benefits of Aloe Vera

By: Kate Row | Last updated: Oct 14, 2023

We are about to reveal the wonders of aloe vera, the bacteria-fighting, redness-soothing, inflammation-reducing, irritation-calming plant.  

You can grow it at home and use it straight from the plant, or you can buy it – either way, you need to include this gift of nature in your beauty routine.

Sunburn Healing

If you’ve spent too much time in the sun, you’re probably familiar with using aloe vera as a sunburn remedy. It quickly cools the sunburned areas and works to reduce swelling and pain.   

Source: Healthline


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The gel produces collagen, a substance that speeds up the skin’s healing. Store it in the fridge to get the added cooling power when applying it.  


Aloe vs. Acne

With its bacteria-fighting power, aloe vera can help clear up acne. It works even better when combined with cinnamon and honey, which also fight bacteria. That combination creates a powerful acne fighter that costs much less than products in the store.   



To reduce the inflammation and redness caused by acne, apply the gel to your face and wait until it dries, which is usually about five minutes. Then, rinse it off and enjoy the results.

Curl Power

Aloe vera gel will help hold the curls in place if you have curly or wavy hair. Try this natural option instead of the off-the-shelf (and expensive) curl-defining products and see what you’ve been missing. 


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Apply aloe vera on your wet hair after shampooing, and it’s okay to leave it in for a few hours. Or, you can wash it out right away. Playing around with it will be fun, and seeing what works best.

Prime that Face

Walk through any makeup department, and you will see hundreds of makeup primers. It’s a dizzying assortment, all designed to help makeup stay on your face all day. So what are we going to recommend as a natural alternative? Is there one that works better than many of those products?   


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Aloe vera gel does everything the expensive primers do. It hydrates your skin, soothes redness, and controls the oils on your face, just like the fancy primers; it even feels the same. You can bid farewell to the beauty counter. 

Eyebrows Gone Rogue?

You probably guessed this already – aloe vera is just as good, if not better than the cosmetics on the shelf designed to control eyebrow hairs.  

Just dip a mascara wand into aloe gel and apply it to your eyebrows; let it dry and see what you think. We’re betting you will be saving money on eyebrow gels from now on.  


Really Clean Hair

You’ve been using all kinds of shampoos, hair products, and gels over the years to tame your mane. Now try adding aloe vera to your routine. The minerals in the plant strengthen your hair follicles, controlling grease and oils, and even promoting hair growth.  



Just add aloe vera gel to your regular shampoo and use it regularly. Now get ready to notice changes in your hair because the gel rids your hair of extra oils and residues left from the hair products you’ve been using.  


Stop the Itch

Keep reading; there’s more aloe vera magic to learn. Pain and itchiness from bug bites can be relieved by applying the gel, which will also reduce any swelling and redness.  


You’ll feel relief from the itching and burning, but aloe vera is healing your skin under the surface. It’s also used for chronic skin conditions such as eczema.  


Add Aloe Vera to Your Nighttime Routine

Time to go to bed, but first, it’s time to remove your makeup. Bring out the makeup remover. Did you know that you need to be careful with these products? Some are too harsh for the area around your eyes or other sensitive spots.  


Source: Kama Ayurveda

We return once again to our good friend aloe vera. The gel gently removes makeup without harshness and is incredibly gentle for the area around the eyes. In addition, the moisture from the plant will not only remove your makeup but also hydrate your face.



Here’s a simple do-it-yourself recipe to make an at home exfoliator. Use this mixture on your face or body to exfoliate and cleanse. All you need is ½ cup aloe vera gel and ¼ cup brown sugar. 

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Mix the two ingredients together and feel free to add other skin-healthy ingredients if you’d like. Apply regularly for best results. The vitamins in the plant have anti-ageing properties and the moisture will help your skin keep that glowy finish. Thank us later.


Heel Soother

We have to take care of our feet. After all, they’re the ones carrying us around all day! Cracked heels can be uncomfortable and potentially painful. Aloe vera will heal your heels and prevent future cracks by moisturizing the area.


Source: Her Zindagi

Apply the gel directly to your heels and cover them with socks overnight. If you want, add a few drops of essential oils to make your feet smell as good as they feel!


Shaving Cream

This magical plant can be used as a moisturizing shaving cream all on its own or can be mixed with other ingredients as a DIY shaving cream. The slippery texture of the gel allows for an extra close shave. 

Source: Orissa Post

You can add ingredients like Vitamin E, almond oil, or eucalyptus oil to the shaving mixture. Whether you use the gel on its own or combine it with other ingredients, you’re sure to save money on shaving creams!