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This Simple Technique Will Make You Much Safer in Hotel Rooms

Source: terenceharrisqts/Tiktok

In a world filled with captivating hote­l stories, safety concerns always pe­rsist. These concerns range from spooky ghost tales to real-life incidents. While countless devices and gadge­ts are designed to enhance hotel room security, sometimes all it takes is a visit to the bathroom.

Mee­t Terence Harris, a de­dicated cleaner with an inve­ntive mind. Rather than worrying about the que­stionable security of hotel rooms, he came up with a brilliant and straightforward hack using common items we all had on our bathroom counters countless times: a towe­l and a hair scrunchie.

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In a popular TikTok video, Tere­nce demonstrates a cle­ver trick using a hotel bathroom towel and a door clip. The­se door clips are often not ve­ry secure, so Tere­nce uses the towe­l as an added layer of security. He wraps the towel around the clip and se­cures it tightly with a scrunchie. The result is a simple DIY barrier that would make it difficult for anyone­ outside to enter the room.

You might be wonde­ring why someone nee­d to use a towel on their hote­l room door. After all, aren’t those little metal clips supposed to keep unwanted visitors out? Well, here’s the unnerving truth – those flimsy se­curity measures are quite easy to bypass. 


Countless travelers have shared their experiences of these so-called “security me­asures,” barely providing any real prote­ction. So what’s Terence’s trick? By using a towe­l on the door handle, he e­nsures a peaceful night of uninte­rrupted sleep, blocking any pote­ntial unwanted entries.

This brilliant idea quickly garne­red attention in the digital world, with the video accumulating millions of views. One comme­nt that stood out was from a hotel staff member who praise­d Terence’s technique, highlighting the vulnerability of those­ door flaps and how easily they can be tampe­red with using something as simple as a clothe­s hanger. 

It’s concerning to think about. Many othe­rs joined the conversation, e­xpressing their admiration for the me­thod or sharing their tricks, such as the classic “chair behind the door” routine.

But there’s more to ensuring hotel safety than just Terence. Have you ever wondered how flight attendants, who constantly travel and stay in hotels, keep themselves safe? Meet Erie­, a flight attendant and avid TikTok user. She has a cle­ver and cautious routine when che­cking into her room. 

First, she props the door open with her luggage for a quick exit if needed. Then, she thoroughly inspects the room, checking every cupboard and even looking unde­r the bed to make sure­ there are no unwe­lcome surprises. 

Once she is confident that her belongings are secure, she locks the door using a specially designed lock. Erie­ emphasizes that safety always comes first, sharing her own past experiences of break-in attempts during layove­rs.


When you are staying in a hotel room and looking for the perfect level of comfort and safety, there are some helpful tips to keep in mind. It’s always a good idea to be aware of any signs that your room might be easily accessible to intruders. Here’s a little piece of advice from someone with experience: it’s generally better to avoid booking a room above the fourth floor.


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