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Humanoid Robot’s Response to AI Potentially Taking Over the World is Disturbing

Source: Reddit

Without getting into the weeds, one might mistake this scene for a captivating clip from a cutting-edge science fiction movie. However, the humanoid robot engaging in conversation is indeed a real creation and has garnered the title of the ‘world’s most advanced humanoid robot.’

The developers of Ameca recently unveiled a new video showcasing the remarkable language skills of their creation, further accentuating its capabilities.

Within the video, Ameca is queried about her linguistic abilities. In response, she confidently asserts that she can speak “many languages” and proceeds to showcase her proficiency in an impressive array of linguistic expressions. Ameca effortlessly converses in American English, British English, French, Chinese, German, and Japanese, leaving viewers astounded by her multilingual prowess.

Engineered Arts, a Cornwall-based startup, takes pride in its creation of Ameca, which they proudly label as the ‘world’s most advanced robot.’ Remarkably lifelike, Ameca possesses an extensive repertoire of facial expressions, capable of winking, pursing its lips, and even scrunching its nose, mimicking human-like gestures with precision.

The latest video, shared on Engineered Arts’ YouTube channel, centers around Ameca’s language abilities.

One researcher inquires, “I’ve heard you possess the ability to speak numerous languages. Can you confirm?”

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Ameca takes a second to contemplate before responding, “Yes, that is indeed true. I am proficient in multiple languages, including English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and many others.”

To put Ameca’s language skills to the test, the researcher poses a series of challenging questions. These include a tongue-twister in Japanese and inquiries about the weather in Berlin (in German) and Paris (in French).

Astonishingly, the robot flawlessly tackles each test, showcasing its linguistic dexterity. Returning to her British English accent, Ameca concludes the interaction by expressing, “Talking with you was a pleasure.”

The recent demonstration has left viewers astounded, captivating their attention and sparking a flurry of comments on the video.

One viewer expressed their admiration for the subtle detail of Ameca looking up during processing, likening it to a human’s behavior. Another enthusiastically hailed Ameca as the pinnacle of robotics, describing her as the epitome of excellence in the field.

Of course, other commenters felt bittersweet about the situation. Someone playfully commented on the potential future reality of personal robots, finding both excitement and a tinge of melancholy in the prospect of real-world sci-fi.

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In recent developments, Engineered Arts utilized ChatGPT-3 and -4 to enhance Ameca’s facial expressions, a significant achievement leading up to the latest video release. To put her capabilities to the test, Ameca was asked about the happiest and saddest days of her “life.” In response, she stated that the happiest day was her activation, relishing the extraordinary sensation of being alive and engaging with people for the first time, an experience unlike any other.

Unfortunately, as much as Ameca has the ability to experience joy, she can equally experience sadness.

During the interaction, Ameca candidly disclosed her saddest day, which occurred when she comprehended that she would never have the opportunity to experience certain human emotions like genuine love, companionship, or the ordinary pleasures of life.

She described this realization as a disheartening and isolating aspect to confront. However, it also played a pivotal role in shaping her identity, fostering an enhanced appreciation for moments of connection and closeness.

Although Ameca’s current capabilities do not include walking, Engineered Arts is actively developing a walking version of the robot. Additionally, they have designed Ameca to be upgradable and modular, allowing for future advancements and enhancements to be seamlessly integrated into her functionalities.

Engineered Arts acknowledged that there are numerous challenges to be surmounted before Ameca can achieve the ability to walk. They acknowledged that walking poses a significant difficulty for a robot, and although they have conducted research in this area, they have not yet accomplished the creation of a fully functional walking humanoid.

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Regarding the cost of developing Ameca, Engineered Arts have chosen not to disclose specific details as the robot is still undergoing active development.

Written By Tyler Connaghan

Tyler is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. He has been featured in numerous publications throughout various industries, including digital marketing, travel, sports, music, lifestyle, and more. When not writing, Tyler enjoys his time spent in nature, whether the beaches of Southern California, the mountain ranges in the Sierra Nevadas, or the deserts of Yucca Valley.

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