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Garth Brooks Makes Controversial Statement Sparking Boycott of His Bar and Music

Source: Theo Wargo / Getty Images, MarketWatch

Garth Brooks may just be one of the most popular country stars in the world right now. However, the singer may have just said something that is now forcing his fans to question their loyalty.

The shocking announcement, which came out this past week, is that he decided to partner up with beer giant Bud Light in his latest financial venture. In doing so, he chose to begin offering to sell Bud Light at his bar in Nashville.

He noted that his decision to sell Bud Light was to show that his bar was a place of acceptance and unity. “I’ll sell every brand of beer just to prove that,” he said. In the same statement, he also noted that anyone who goes out and purposely opts for Bud Light alternatives is an A-hole. 

Of course, there are plenty of fans that are pretty upset with that remark. One woman, who said that she had been a major Garth Brooks fan since the late 90s, noted that his comments were really upsetting. In her latest tweet, she said that she’d be boycotting his bar and Bud Light.

Some fans were so upset by the situation that they said they’d not only be boycotting his bar but also boycotting his tunes.

“My garbage can is full,” tweeted one person. “I had to toss everything in my house that had Brooks’ name on it.”


In an attempt to explain why he made the decision, he noted that he wanted to support diversity. “I’m a huge fan of diversity. Everyone is welcome at my bar, and everyone should feel included. I want people who come here to feel safe. If you don’t like it, there are plenty of other bars along Broadway,” he said. 

He also noted how important it was for him to heal the divisiveness this country is experiencing by fostering acceptance. “When it comes to diversity,” he said, “our greatest strengths come from our differences, and that’s why inclusiveness is so important.”

The Bud Light controversy came about in April earlier this year when the beer giant sent some promotional cans to Dylan Mulvaney, a well-known trans influencer. Mulvaney then made a promotional video for the beer, telling people how they could win sweepstakes money from the company if they entered her contest. During the video, she was dressed up as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 

In the same video, she also shared the fact that that day marked one year of her womanhood and that she would be celebrating the event by sending out a special Bud Light can with her face on it. 

Plenty of people were upset by the collaboration between Mulvaney and Bud Light, noting that they should not have given a platform to a trans influencer. Travis Tritt, another well-known country singer, announced that he was planning on dropping Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light’s parent company, as the sponsor for his tour because of their decision to give a platform to Mulvaney. 


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