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Elusive Creature Captured on Trail Camera Sparks Wild Theories

Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department / mySA

Have you ever been on a hike and come across a creature that you just couldn’t quite place?

Well, some adventurers in the Rio Grande Valley State Park in Texas had a similar experience, except their mysterious encounter was caught on camera! The footage was so puzzling that they sent it to the Texas Parks and Wildlife team, who then shared it on social media. Let’s just say it’s got people scratching their heads and wondering if Bigfoot has decided to take up residence in Texas.

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The footage of the elusive critter has sparked a frenzy of speculation and wild guesses. People are throwing out all kinds of ideas, from the plausible to the downright absurd.

“It’s clearly a Chupacabra!” exclaimed viewer Jeremy Haldeman. Apparently, this legendary beast is known for sucking the blood of livestock and other critters. But let’s be real here, we don’t think this mystery creature could take down a cow. Plus, we always thought the Chupacabra was bigger…


Viewer Rose Steele gave the Chupacabra a run for its money with her guess of a wolverine!

While wolverines are usually found further north, the park didn’t want to rule out the possibility of a Texan vacation for the furry creature, as these animals are often found outside their habitats. Maybe it just wanted to check out the Rio Grande Valley State Park!

Of course, a post like this brought out the best internet detectives and trolls with their wild guesses! Some people think it’s an otter, some think it’s a bear, and others think it’s Kid Rock looking for his next beer run.

One thing’s for sure, this mystery animal sparked some creative imaginations.

The team at the Rio Grande Valley State Park finally spoke out, and it’s not a wolverine as Rose Steele thought, but an American Badger. The park officials have clarified that the animal in question is not the infamous Honey Badger that “doesn’t give a darn.” No, the American Badger, a rare and elusive creature is known for its digging prowess and love of burrowing.

And while they can’t pinpoint the exact location of the photo, they assure us that the Rio Grande Valley is definitely within the badger’s stomping grounds.


We’re glad the suspense is over, but we’ll miss the wild guesses and theories.

Maybe next time, it’ll be a unicorn caught on camera!


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