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Dangerously Delicious: The New Costco Cookies are So Good Customers are Warning People About Them

@costcohotfinds / TikTok

We all know about the deliciously cheap pizza and hot dogs that the big box store Costco has been offering for what seems like decades now. They’ve pretty much been a staple for anyone looking for a cheap yet delicious bite to eat on their lunch break. 

However, most people didn’t know that Costco has also released what might just be one of the best cookies of all time.

The company decided to hybridize two of its classic desserts to make the splendid lemon meringue cheesecake, and when they released the peanut butter chocolate pie at a whopping five pounds per serving, it seemed like things were starting to get really out of hand.

More recently, they decided to hit us with a summer cookie that exudes nostalgic camping vibes.

Introducing — the Costco s’mores cookie.

Head down to your local Costco bakery and you can find a new s’mores cookie. It’s an absolutely nostalgic little treat that gives you every reason to take a break from your day and get dessert. Laura, who runs a TikTok called @costcohotfinds, was one of the very first people to make a post on the platform about the cookies labeling them “dangerously delicious.”


“Today, while in the Costco bakery, I spotted the new s’mores cookie. 24 of them come in a single box, and from the looks of it, they were flying off the shelves. The minute I bought them, I took one out of the package, and my lord, they are so soft. I even decided to put one in my air fryer at home to heat it up for a minute, and it came out so delicious and gooey. I’ll be the first to tell you that these are dangerous cookies,” Laura said.

Someone in the comments said that there likely going to make a second stop at Costco this week just to get another box. ‘I’ve already been to Costco for my regular shopping this week,” the commenter wrote. “Now you’re going to make me want to go back.”

Plenty of people in the comments love the fact that she put it in the air fryer to heat it up before enjoying it. 

“These are such amazing cookies, especially when you heat them up for around 30 seconds,” said someone else. 

“Warm it up just a little bit, and it’s like having real s’mores over a campfire,” said another person.

Some other commenter made a uniquely savory suggestion, telling Laura to add a pinch of salt to make them even more delicious. If you’re getting hungry reading this, we absolutely don’t blame you. 


Summer is well underway, and many people are planning barbecues, camping trips, and other excursions. With how popular these s’mores cookies are about to be, we recommend heading down to your local Costco right now to grab yourself a box before they disappear.


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