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Contractor Explains Why He Would Never Trust State Farm in Viral TikTok

Source: oyasumisushi/TikTok

Every year, thousands of homes get damaged in the United States. These damages could result from either weather-related or non-weather-related incidents. 

Whatever the case, homeowners are usually in a rush to not only get their properties inhabitable but in great shape. To get those emergency funds for repair, most property owners make their insurance companies their first port of call. 

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However, according to numerous customer testimonies, most insurance companies don’t feel the pain of their clients. If they do, they don’t act like it. 

Recently, a TikTok user has added his voice to the increasingly worrisome debate about the behavior of insurance companies, especially in their characteristically dodgy responses to insurance claims. One insurance company featured heavily in his video – State Farm. 


The user, Josh Collins (@oyasumisushi), is a contractor with a roofing and siding company that does regular business with insurance companies. He accused State Farm of going to extreme lengths to deny or lower the value of customers’ claims. 

Collins, who is based in Indiana, helps homeowners file their insurance claims. Afterward, his company receives the money and affects the repairs. He describes State Farm as the worst insurance company he has had to deal with. 

“Every single time somebody has State Farm, doesn’t matter if they’re in the direct path of a tornado, they will always argue about what they’re gonna pay for and what they’re not gonna pay,” he lamented. “Every single time.” 

According to Collins, State Farm has made it a custom to argue with customers’ claims no matter how legitimate they are. He also accused the company of responding annoyingly late to claims and even switching their adjusters several times. Homeowners and contractors have to bear the burden of giving orientation to multiple new State Farm adjusters. 

Collins also exposed what he believes is a popular trick of State Farm. For example, there was a time when they received a claim for a damaged roof. But to the shock of the homeowner, they only agreed to cover the repairs for a section of the roof because the  other section wasn’t “damaged enough.” Homeowners in such situations will have to cough out $2,000 to $10,000 to repair the uncovered section. 

Collins recounted a situation that occurred in a neighborhood where his company carried out multiple roof repairs. All the neighbors of a certain homeowner who used other insurers had their roofs repaired by Collin’s company. But this homeowner, who used State Farm, couldn’t get his repair approved. The best they could get was a partial repair. 


Collins, who announced in the video that he doesn’t patronize State Farm, declared that they are the worst insurance company for home or car insurance. His video has over 440,000 views so far, and thousands of viewers bared their minds on the issue. 

One comment read, “Maybe if roofers didn’t inflate prices on insurance claims, it wouldn’t be like this.” Another commenter believes that all insurance companies are dubious. “Honestly, all insurance (health, home, car) is trash in the US. Idk how it is in other countries.” 

While it’s true that insurance companies are important for a well-functioning society, many of them employ rogue tactics to evade claims. Perhaps what the industry needs is higher scrutiny from regulators.


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