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Changes To Costco’s Food Court Menu Are Leaving People Less Than Thrilled

Source: Pinterest

Ah, Costco. That magical realm of wholesale bliss, where shopping carts are the size of small cars and the aisles promise an unending supply of life’s necessities… and quite a few non-necessities (because, let’s face it, who doesn’t need a 5-pound tub of pretzels?). But recently, there’s been a culinary storm brewing in the one place we least expected it – the food court!

Now, for many of us, the Costco food court is the ultimate reward after a hard day’s shop. It’s like the cherry on top of our oversized sundae of bargains. So, when Costco changes its menu, it’s not just an alteration. It’s personal. 

Enter TikToker @costco_empties, who brought to light some of the most recent menu updates. Gone is the beloved Mango Smoothie, making way for its cousin, the Berry Smoothie. And while many would say, “More berries, more fun!” some loyalists are mourning the loss of their tropical treat.

The Costo food court is known for its competitive prices, so these menu changes are leaving some people annoyed. The unveiling of the Roast Beef Sandwich, a mammoth creation that, at $9.99, has some folks clutching their oversized shopping carts in disbelief. 

TikTok user @JohnnyBrooks said, “The sandwich looks pretty good, but $10 bucks seems a little high for Costco prices, no? However, according to @Monja, it might be worth the price, given that it’s big enough to be split into two meals.

Speaking of lost culinary treasures, the rallying cries from TikTokers like @49erwarrior have been loud and clear. “Bring back the combo pizza!” they said harking back to simpler times. Whilst @sunny_bc6667 declared, “I miss the turkey provolone melt.”


With all this food talk, it’s easy to forget that Costco is primarily a shopping haven. It’s where we go to bulk-buy, bulk-save, and occasionally, bulk-eat. The food court, with its delectable and affordable options, was the place where both our wallets and stomachs rejoiced. 

But, change is a natural part of life (and menus), and it seems like some members are struggling with this latest culinary evolution.

However, before you decide to lead a sandwich-themed revolt or pen a ballad about the lost Mango Smoothie, let’s remember one thing. The introduction of the Strawberry Soft Serve might just be the salve we need to soothe our wounded foodie souls. Yes, it’s not chocolate, but it’s a start. A delicious, creamy, berry-filled start.

So the next time you’re pushing that enormous cart, navigating the vast expanse of all Costco has to offer, it’s worth remembering that yes the food court might be changing, but isn’t variety the spice of life? As for the Roast Beef Sandwich, perhaps it’s worth every penny, especially if you treat it as a challenge. Two meals in one? Challenge accepted.


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