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70 Million Candies Being Recalled Worldwide

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Rolling candies are special and extra delightful because their rolling balls release their liquid content as they are rolled against the tongue. Sadly, this exciting feature has also become a safety concern for many parents of young children. 

Earlier in the year, a 7-year-old girl lost her life after choking on a rolling candy ball that got stuck in her throat. In the words of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the Agency received a report of “a seven-year-old girl who choked and died after the candy’s rolling ball dislodged and became trapped in her throat in New York in April 2023”.

According to the CPSC, “the candy’s rolling ball can dislodge from the product into a child’s mouth, posing a choking hazard or death.” The Agency decided to significantly reduce the chances of a reoccurrence by recalling a series of rolling candies on October 5.

The companies affected are Candy Dynamics, Cocco Candy, and KGR Distribution. According to a report from KCRA 3, Candy Dynamics is taking 70 million “Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candy” off the market. On the other hand, Cocco Candy and KGR Distribution (the company that produced the rolling candy responsible for the little girl’s death) have recalled various flavors of their candies, totaling 145,800 units.

Announcing the recall of Candy Dynamics’ rolling candies, the CPSC noted that they were “sold in two-ounce and three-ounce containers” and packaged in a “plastic bottle with a rolling ball that holds a sour liquid candy.”

The recall also disclosed that the rolling candies were sold in Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Sour Apple, and Black Cherry flavors. Furthermore, they had the company’s logos, “TOXIC WASTE” and “SLIME LICKER Sour Rolling Liquid Candy” featured on the front.


Before their recall, Candy Dynamics’ rolling candies could be purchased at “Walmart, Five Below, and other stores nationwide, and online at,, and other websites from June 2015 through July 2023 for between $2 and $4.” 

It’s important to note that there have been two reported cases of Candy Dynamics’ rolling ball applicator separating from their containers. Regardless, however, the company hasn’t been liable for any injuries or death as there weren’t any complaints to that effect.

On the other hand, the affected flavors from Cocco Candy and KGR Distribution’s products included Sour Strawberry, Sour Cola, and Sour Tutti Frutti. CPSC has advised the general public to stop using the recalled rolling candies and take them away from their children as a matter of urgency.

Individuals who already have the recalled candies can contact KGR toll-free at (888) 802-8823 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time from Monday through Friday. They may also email [email protected] or contact the distributors online at Upon accessing the website, consumers can click on “Recall Information” at the top of the page for information on how to get their refund.

The CPSC has listed the unit barcode numbers of the recalled rolling candies on its website. This is necessary for verifying the exact products that have been taken out of circulation.

We urge everyone to always prioritize safety and report product defects that may potentially cause harm to the appropriate authorities.


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