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3 Cow Carcasses Mysteriously Appear on Utah Home’s Roof

Source: @stephaniekay522/TikTok

Utah has always been a top location for some of the strangest discoveries. From multiple UFO sightings to the metal monolith of Red Rock Country, every year unveils a new find.

This year, the Beehive State hasn’t failed to produce more headline-grabbing news. One of these is a recent discovery by a photographer, Stephanie Hull, of 3 cattle carcasses in an unusual location.

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As Hull sauntered through rural Utah, she noticed what looked like 3 dead cows on the roof of an abandoned house. She described the sight as “one of the spookiest things I’ve ever found.” 

As she advanced towards the house, her suspicions were confirmed. “It was so crazy to see,” Hull said. “It was almost shocking when we pulled up to the house. It’s in the middle of nowhere in the desert in Utah.”


Describing her mission to Utah, Hull reveals that she was in the state to capture interesting sights such as this. “I live in Northern Wisconsin, but I travel all over the U.S. to take photos. I started exploring a little over five years ago,” she said. 

Hull recorded the strange scene and posted the video on her TikTok account. The video, which had an on-screen caption that read, “I found three dead cows on top of the roof of this abandoned house in Utah. There were no other homes nearby” promptly went viral, attracting over 185,000 views. 

The video showed us around the house, which was a wooden structure with its doors wide open. We could also see some parts of the cow’s skeletons on the grass around the building. 

Viewers were also startled at the finding, with many comments offering varying explanations of the situation. One TikTok user wrote, “Mountain lions will do this- they take large prey up into trees and other places off the ground.” 

Another comment remarked that the cows could have climbed up to the roof on their own to escape the snowy ground. “Got up there in the winter when snow was high then couldn’t get down??? Maybe.” Hall responded to this comment by saying “They have straps on them. One is strapped around the neck. I think they were put up there. It’s easier to see in the photos I took.” 

Some comments came with some strange theories. A user suggested that a “bone collector put them up there to decompose entirely. hence the ropes and straps,” while another said, “Someone was feeding the eagles. They probably put them up there with a tractor. Condors like them too. This is NOT skinwalkers. We did it on the shed.”


There were some funny comments too. One from @cwri3 warned about the possible presence of a wild animal. “There’s an unfriendly large cat figuring out how he’s going to get you up there,” it read. 

In a similar case, a couple discovered bones under the floorboards of their newly acquired 150-year-old home. They had bought the house for $25,000 and were carrying out some renovation when they found the bones. 

Till date, no one has been able to conclusively solve the puzzle of the cows on the roof or the bones under the house.


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