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The Art of Minimalism

Source: InteriorZine

A minimalist lifestyle means leading a simple life and reducing things that do not serve a purpose. You eliminate waste and things that are not absolutely necessary. Minimalists only keep what they need. There are different kinds of minimalist interior designs, but they all lean on the same principles: Keep your space clean, neat, and open. If you’re feeling like your home is getting a little cluttered and you’re ready for a change, consider these minimalist design features for your home.

The minimalist design can be explained as “a place for everything and everything in its place”. Minimalists will not keep things in their home that do not serve a specific purpose. All those things collecting dust in your house will need to go. With the clutter cleared, it opens up the space to give it a clean and clear energy. Simplicity is key. You can use the Marie Kondo method to reduce waste. Pick up items in your home and if they don’t give you joy you can get rid of them.

In terms of color, minimalist design usually consists of neutral and monochromatic color palettes. While these are the most common color palettes, minimalism can be what you make it. Some minimalists choose their favorite color and designate that to their home. Another common theme of minimalist color is that color is used as an accent rather than a focus. Color is used to highlight the simplicity of the home, not add distraction.

Minimalists utilize natural light to make a space feel open and warm as well. If you don’t have very much natural light in the home, you can purchase bright white bulbs that give the impression of natural light. Light opens up the space and gives you an environment that is conducive to productivity.

You can bring minimalism to your wardrobe as well. Go through your clothes and donate or throw away the stuff you don’t wear. Keep the basics: white shirts, blue and black jeans, black shoes. You don’t have to give up your style, just reduce waste and consider what is necessary versus what is extra.

Another important factor in creating your minimalist home is to maximize space. Decluttering will contribute to this process, but organization plays a major role. Place furniture in certain positions to create a welcoming and spacious environment. You don’t need to have a lot of space to make it appear bigger. You can still make a minimalist space in a small home or apartment.


When you’re organizing, see what things you own can be multi purpose. For example, you can use a coffee table to store things inside. Only keep items out on counters that you use consistently. When everything has a purpose and everything has a place, you’ll realize how much waste you had that was taking up space. Minimalism does not mean forgoing your style. It is simply a method to eliminate waste and craft a space that is comfortable and clean.


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