Mind-Blowing Military Hacks That Will Give You a Smoother Daily Life

By: Ene Ayegba | Last updated: Nov 08, 2023

Even though the life of a soldier requires lots of sacrifice and discipline, they’re always looking for ways to make their lives easier. But they aren’t alone; civilians also have this need daily.

From achieving smart looks to protecting ourselves from pain and injury, there’s a lot we can learn from our military men and women that will make our everyday lives much smoother and safer. 

You Can Enhance Your Night Vision

Have you ever been behind the wheel at night when the light from an oncoming vehicle overwhelms your sight for a second or two? That’s not even the bigger worry.


Source: Egor Kamelev/ Pexels

Your eyes will also take another break trying to readjust after the vehicle’s light is off your face. That’s too much time to stay without proper sight. Thankfully, there’s a military way to avoid this unsafe situation. Soldiers can’t afford to be that vulnerable, and neither can you.

You Can See Better By Closing Your Eyes

Surprised? Trust us, it works. Military men and women in these situations will simply close one of their eyes to the blinding light. Not for long, though. You see with one eye while the other takes a short rest.


Source: Burak The Weekender/ Pexels

A few seconds is enough, just until the vehicle’s lights are off your face. After some time, do the same thing with the other eye and enjoy a faster eye readjustment.

Put Your Feet Up

Whether they are standing, marching, or running, you are more likely to find people in the military on their feet than on a seat. What this means is that they have to come up with a solution for blisters and shoe bites.


Source: 7thForces/ Twitter

So, if you perform activities at home or at work that keep you on your feet for hours, you’ve got a thing or two to learn.

Soaked Boots Work Like Magic

In case you aren’t aware, military personnel suffer from blisters and sore feet, too. To solve this challenge, they soak their boots in water for up to an hour till they are soft enough.


Sources: ratkezfa/ Twitter

You can try this too, but only for shoes that can withstand water for a long time. Your feet will thank you.

Don't Let Athletes Foot Stop You

Developing athletes’ foot can disrupt your life in many ways, which can be frustrating since we always want to be fit to do the things we love.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

For soldiers, athlete’s foot isn’t something to play with. So, they’ve discovered a surprising solution that works. It not only provides huge relief, but it also fast-tracks the healing process.


The Cure May Surprise You

Did you know that urine can cure athletes’ foot? Well, specifically, urea, a substance in your pee, contains properties that are pretty hostile to fungal infection.

Source: Karolina Grabowska/ Pexels

All you need to do is rub your feet or the affected area with some urine while taking a shower or bath.


Stop Blood Flow With This Unusual Solution

Military teams aren’t strangers to wounds and injuries. So, they must find ways to help themselves, especially in the absence of medical personnel.

Source: Karolina Grabowska/ Pexels

If you have a job that makes you injury prone, or you’ve been injured in your home and there is no conventional first aid kit, you can stop blood flow like military personnel would.


Maxi Pads are Great for Slowing Down Blood Loss

Maxi pads can handle blood in any part of the body and not just for menstrual flow. If you have a wound letting blood out of your body, maxi pads can come in handy.

Source: Reddit

Simply tape the pad to the wound, cover the source of blood flow, and in a short time, you should stop bleeding profusely.


You Can Get Cool Water Without a Refrigerator

When the weather is hot, and the sun is blazing, only cool water will do. People in the military encounter such situations all of the time.

Source: [deleted]/ Reddit

They’ve also come up with a plan to have cool water whenever the need arises. If you work in any outdoor setting, you can copy their trick.


Socks Can Cool Your Water

Yes, you read that correctly. Soldiers use wet socks to keep their water cool. Dip the sock in water for a minute, then place your water bottle. Next, place the socks in a bowl of water to keep them wet, then hang the socks to dry.

Source: Reddit

The socks will get to work immediately, keeping the water cool whenever the need for a cool drink arises. You can cool more bottles if your socks are long enough.


Heal Wounds With Sugar

The sweetness of sugar isn’t reserved for the taste buds alone. You can heal wounds with sugar like military men and women do in emergencies.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Just powder the wounds with sugar and let its antibacterial properties get to work. It will stop infections from spreading before you can receive more medical attention.


Don't Pull Out Loose Threads, Do This Instead

You will probably never see service men and women wearing loose threads on their uniforms. That’s because they know how to handle them.

Source: IndigoWalrus/ Reddit

Instead of pulling them out, military personnel burn them neatly with a lighter. This results in a neat closure on the loose end of the thread.


Start Your Day The Right Way

Have you been lacking the motivation to get things done whenever you get out of bed? This isn’t unusual; many of us do.

Source: Army Jobs/ YouTube

But in the military, lack of productivity is an offense. How do the soldiers productively start each day, then?


Make Your Bed

As simple as this task may seem, this is one of the first bits of training that service men and women receive. They are taught to ensure they leave neat beds behind every morning.

Source: Buzzfeed/ Pinterest

This task prepares the mind for other important jobs ahead. It’s one sure way to begin a productive day.


No Match Stick, No Problem

Service men and women often encounter situations where it is necessary to start a fire. Most time, it’s during a cold season or a night in a jungle.

Source: DrK_JeffKudisch/ Twitter

If there are strong winds, it could be pretty difficult to light a fire and keep it going. Vaseline can come in handy at such times.


Vaseline Will Provide Stronger Fuel

Vaseline is not just helpful in healing cuts and treating wounds. It can light good-quality fires too. If you have a cotton ball or a piece of foam, dip it into the jar of Vaseline and set it on fire. It will burn brightly, and the flame will withstand strong winds.

Source: Amine M'siouri/ Pexels

Everyone can benefit from this hack in many ways. Whether you are out camping or need to light a fire pit, Vaseline will help you do the job.


Your Shoes Can Get a Military Shine

Soldiers seem to have the shiniest shoes. Why is that? It’s because they know something about shining shoes that many people don’t. If you follow this procedure, you can get your shoes to shine as bright as theirs.

Source: A Kim/ YouTube

After applying the shoe polish, don’t brush your shoes immediately. Soldiers leave the polish for 15 to 30 minutes. Afterward, they use a lighter or heat gun to bring out the sparkle. Alternatively, you can place the shoes in the sun, then brush them with a damp cloth to add the finishing touch.


Find Out if Another Vehicle is After You

Not every motorist on the road has good intentions. So, just like soldiers, be as sensitive to vehicles at your rear as those in front of you.

Source: awin1.com/ Pinterest

If you suspect that a vehicle is on your trail, you can find out for sure if they are. First, ensure that you calm your nerves. Then, make several turns on the road while watching the vehicle. If the car is still behind you after making up to four turns, then it’s time to call for help.


Tuck In Your Shirt Properly

If your shirt is as spacious as an open parachute, you don’t have to give up the dream of a smart tuck. Soldiers have found a way around it; a shirt garter.

Source: Malefashionadvice/ Reddit

Those elastic materials can hold your shirts tightly to your socks under both arms. Then, your shirt tucks are easier and will stay put for as long as you want.