Why Did Zuckerberg’s Latest Creation Fail?

By: Ene Ayegba | Last updated: Nov 03, 2023

Threads, Meta’s brand-new Twitter-like network, had a stunning debut; the app had 100 million new members in only five days.

However, according to sources, the network had a startling 25.4 million reduction in active users. Threads’ traffic fell from 49 million to 23.6 million in only one week, indicating its short-lived success. The platform’s long-term viability and capacity to retain members came under scrutiny due to the sharp fall in site traffic.

Zuckerberg’s Optimism and Focus on Improving Retention

The creator of Facebook and Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, is still upbeat about Threads despite the significant reduction in active users. He underlines that enhancing the fundamentals and user retention would be the main priorities for the rest of the year.


Source: SOPA Images/ Getty Images

Zuckerberg draws comparisons to earlier businesses that were successful, including Facebook, Instagram, and Stories, whose early growth encountered difficulties before stabilizing and prospering. He has also expressed optimism that Threads is on the right track, and if retention is improved, the platform will work to grow its user base.

Threads’ Similarity to Twitter and Censorship Concerns

Threads has many similarities to Twitter in terms of design and functionality. However, it is connected to Instagram and lets users sign up using their Instagram credentials. Since its launch, the network has drawn criticism for censorship.


Source: Meta Platforms, Inc./ Wikimedia Commons

Users had their content deleted due to its “hate speech” policies. Similar content filtering difficulties have been reported on Facebook and Instagram. The similarity of Threads to Twitter also raised several issues. Twitter threatened to sue Meta for alleged infringements of its intellectual property rights.

Adam Mosseri’s View on Threads’ Progress

In his assessment of Threads’ development, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri notes its strong growth, retention, and engagement early on. He highlights the caliber of the platform’s creative community.


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However, Mosseri acknowledged the difficulty in navigating the early peak and issues typical of new products. He describes the present emphasis on developing new features, improving performance, and raising ranking to provide a solid basis for the platform’s future development.

The Road Ahead for Threads

Threads has experienced both soaring success and a swift decline in site traffic. While its initial user influx showcased its potential, retaining and growing the community remains a crucial challenge. Mark Zuckerberg’s optimism and focus on enhancing retention offer hope for the platform’s future.


Source: Pinterest

However, the platform’s resemblance to Twitter and concerns about censorship and legal disputes underscore the need for careful navigation in an increasingly competitive social media landscape. The path ahead for Threads remains uncertain, yet it has the potential to improve and succeed.