Maps of UFO Sightings Show Apparent “Hot Spots” All Over the World

By: Lauren | Last updated: Nov 12, 2023


The US Department of Defense recently released a document that apparently shows various UFO “hot spots” around the country and the world.

This new announcement has sparked debate, but also a wide range of questions from scientists and the rest of the public such as, “Why are there “hot spots?” “What causes them?” And maybe most importantly, “What else is the government hiding?”

The Pentagon Finally Speaks Out

For decades, if not centuries, the US government has been extremely tight lipped when it comes to UFO sightings. There have long been rumors that the government knows a whole lot more than it was letting on.


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Finally, the Pentagon and the Department of Defense are speaking out and admitting that there have been spottings they cannot explain.

Newly Developed AARO is Sharing Directly with the Public

A new department was formed in July 2022 called the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, or the AARO. The department will provide the public with information, photos and videos in “efforts to understand and resolve unidentified anomalous phenomena” via its new website.


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And one of the first announcements was made by the director of the Pentagon’s AARO, Dr Sean Kirkpatrick, who told the world directly, “We see these [‘metallic orbs’] all over the world, and we see these making very interesting apparent maneuvers.”

Why Is the Government Only Now Sharing Its Findings?

Some people are wondering why, after all these years, the government has finally created a department to publicly share information about UFOs.


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While the Pentagon claims it’s simply for “transparency with the American people,” there are rumors that the real reason is because it couldn’t keep the secret any longer since the whistleblower incident.

Insider Claims US Government Actually Has UFOs in Its Possession

Last July, Davish Grusch, a former intelligence official, told the world that the Pentagon and the Department of Defense have been hiding information from the public about UFOs and “non-human” technology.


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He also told the world that the government actually has what he called extraterrestrial vehicles, partially and fully intact, that they are studying in secret. However, the Pentagon has yet to confirm or deny this claim. 

Where Are the ‘Hot Spots?’

Although many assume that the government is not being completely honest with the public, it has shared one important document: a map of “hot spots” where UFOs have been sighted. 

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According to the map, there have been the most sightings in the Middle East (specifically Iran and Syria), Japan (including hot spots in Nagasaki and Hiroshima), and throughout the US, though most are in California.


The US Has Always Been Considered the Home of UFOs

It’s interesting to note that the map draws attention to the fact that there have been a significant number of sightings outside the US, because for decades, the United States has always been considered “the home of UFOs.” 


Source: Towards Data Science

Of course, historically there have been an almost unbelievable number of UFO sightings in the US. However, according to the map, even though for years people have thought that American citizens see more UFOs than anyone else in the world, it’s simply not the case. 


The Map Shows Incredible Amount of Sightings in Japan

In fact, the small country of Japan has experienced a wild amount of sightings. So many that Japan has actually become the focus of the new map, and many are starting to dive in deeper to attempt to understand why there are so many reported UFOs flying over the country.

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When studying UFO sightings in Japan, researchers have found that they have actually been going on for centuries. Ancient Japanese texts have detailed drawings and descriptions of objects that look exactly like what we assume UFOs to look like today.


Iinomachi in Fukushima Prefecture, Better Known as ‘UFO Town’

One specific town in Japan has seen more spottings than anywhere else: Iinomachi in Fukushima Prefecture. Because of the immense number of sightings, alien enthusiast Takeharu Mikami opened the International UFO Lab in 2021 in the town of Iinomachi, now known as “UFO Town.”


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What’s especially interesting about Iinomachi is that it was once home to a nuclear power plant. As such, many researchers are starting to think that there may be a connection between nuclear incidents and UFO sightings.


The Connection Between Nuclear ‘Incidents’ and UFO Sightings

All the major hot spots – including cities in Japan, Iran, Syria, and the Southwestern US – have something in common: They have all experienced at least one “nuclear incident.”

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This discovery has led alien enthusiasts, scientists, researchers, and even lay people from around the world to wonder, “Is there a connection between nuclear events and UFOs?” There’s no answer quite yet, but the question is now certainly one of the biggest debates within the field.


More UFOs Reported in Areas Where People Look for UFOs

Those who doubt extraterrestrial vehicles visiting our planet claim that the reason why people see UFOs is simply because they are looking for them.


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And there’s no doubt that according to the map, there are certain areas where more UFOs are seen than others. However, this new understanding of “hot spots” may explain that there is a reason other than superstition that has led to this phenomenon.


Skeptics Find it Harder to Doubt UFO Sightings With the Pentagon’s Announcement

Whether or not nuclear incidents increase UFO sightings or not, the truth is that the Pentagon’s announcement has changed the minds of many previous skeptics.

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The fact that the US government admits to studying extraterrestrial sightings has proven that UFOs are at least in our atmosphere. And what’s even more exciting is that if the government has non-human technology, UFOs are sitting on our planet.