A Fascinating Look Into This Underwater Abode

By: Ene Ayegba | Last updated: Nov 04, 2023

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to stay underwater for 100 days? Well, for Joseph Dituri, it is not a hypothetical question; it’s an adventure worth exploring. 

Joseph Dituri (in an attempt to study the underwater habitat and its possibility for long-term human occupancy) embarks on a ground-breaking journey. So, we are left to wonder what secrets he is about to reveal. Let’s dive with Joseph Dituri into his underwater research and find out what it takes to survive under the sea!

Dr. Deep Sea: Biomedical Engineer Set to Break Underwater World Record

Joseph Dituri, also known as Dr. Deep Sea, is a biomedical engineer and U.S. Navy veteran. He is currently on a 100-day adventure underwater in a bid to advance scientific knowledge. 


Source: Dr. Deep Sea/ Twitter

Dituri’s sojourn began on March 1st, 2023, and, if successful, will break the current record set by two Tennessee biologists for spending 73 days underwater in 2014.


James Cameron's Mission Inspires Dituri’s Pursuit of Oceanic Treasures

The entire journey started for Dituri back in 2012. Then, he joined filmmaker James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenger mission to the Mariana Trench bottom, more than 10,600 meters beneath the waters.


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During the challenge, the team found a deep sea creature that contains a compound with the potential to treat Alzheimer’s disease effectively. This got Dituri wondering about other unknown treasures lurking in the ocean’s depths.

Pushing Limits and Protecting Lives: Dituri's Underwater Experiment

Although Dituri is looking to break the former record, his major ambition is to study how the human body responds to long-term exposure to extreme pressure. 


Source: Jodi Jacobson/ Getty Images

As part of his research, Dituri is exploring a special type of medication that delivers oxygen under exceptionally high pressures. 

Jules’ Undersea Lodge

Dituri is currently living in Jules’ Undersea Lodge, the same underwater venue the previous record was set. 


Source: D.C. McClure/YouTube

The 100-square-foot hotel, which sits 30 feet below the surface, would be his home until the 9th of June, 2023. In this hotel, Dituri will be carrying out his research and giving virtual lectures to his students. 

Inside Dituri’s Underwater Home: A Tour of Life 30 Feet Below

Recently, Dituri gave a virtual tour of his habitat, revealing to reporters his bunk bed, bathroom area, kitchen, and workspace. 

Source: Food52/Pinterest

Also, on the virtual tour, Dituri joked about how his coffee maker might just be the most important item on board. He also mentioned that although he has a microwave, he doesn’t cook because of pressurized conditions. 


Underwater Guests and Collaborators

While advancing the mission’s educational outreach, Dituri will have a suite of visitors diving into his underwater lodge to keep him company. 


Source: Mission Blue/Pinterest

Among them is Sylvia Earle, a renowned marine scientist who will have 24 hours beneath the sea to discuss the state of the ocean. 


Life Underwater Isn’t Always Rosy

Physically, Dituri is experiencing difficulty sleeping well in the habitat, though he is unsure of the reason. Also, he has a sore back from hunching all day in his low-height lodge. 

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In addition to this, Dituri also realized pretty fast that living underwater means more trips to the bathroom. Aside from that, Dituri is doing fine and maintaining his shape by doing 100 situps and pushups daily.


It Could Get Lonely

Even though Dituri is barely halfway into his 100-day journey, he revealed that the toughest part of the adventure is missing his three grown daughters, mother, and girlfriend.


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He also mentioned how sad he was when he realized he won’t be attending his daughter’s graduation in May. Luckily, he can still send texts and join Zoom calls, he said. 


Tracking Dituri’s Mental Health

Before Dituri’s journey, he underwent several psychological, psychosocial, and medical tests. Nonetheless, he will be regularly visited by the medical team during the 100-day adventure.

Source: Tom Fisk/ Pexels

Also, he is taking doses of Vitamin D and keeping regular psychological appointments, as being isolated for an extended period can impact anyone’s mental health. 


Thriving in Isolation: Dituri’s Coping Mechanisms

Dituri has come up with various activities to reduce the feeling of isolation and anxiety. One thing he did was create a daily routine and maintain a sense of structure. 


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His daily tasks include monitoring oxygen levels, preparing meals, communicating with the outside world via video conferencing, and staying updated with current events.


Young Scientists Have a Role Model

Dituri aims to invite 40  students to spend 24 hours underwater, while working on various science experiments and aiming to become certified aquanauts.

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According to him, the outreach makes the entire experiment worth it (even more than the chance for a world record). He also stated that getting the word out will make it much easier for the next generation to conserve the marine environment. So, Dituri is looking to use his experiments to inspire the coming generation.


Making a Splash: Everyone Wants to Know the Story

Joseph Dituri, the man who currently lives underwater, is increasingly getting notable media attention. As a result of his unique experiment and lodge, he has generated interest from various media platforms. 


Source: Jim Bastardo/ Getty Images

Also, the media has given attention to the challenges he is currently facing underwater, including the constant need to monitor oxygen levels. 


Diving into Controversy: What Does Everyone Think?

The public perception of Dituri’s underwater experiment varies. While some have expressed excitement and interest, others have raised concerns about the potential risks of living underwater.

Source: Ron Lach/ Pexels

Also, his stay has sparked discussions about the future of underwater habitats and their potential for addressing some of the world’s crucial challenges. Some believe his experiments may serve as a solution to problems like natural disasters, overpopulation, and climate change.


Beyond the Depths

Joseph Dituri’s underwater experiment has the potential to influence marine ecology, tourism, underwater technology, and public education and awareness. 


Source: Steve Woods/ Getty Images

By promoting awareness and insight into the ocean ecosystem, the experiment can greatly inspire individuals and communities to take action to conserve the ocean.


Dituri's Optimistic Vision for Living Underwater

Joseph Dituri is optimistic about his experiment. According to him, he thinks his research is the inception of something beautiful. 

Source: Jeong Woo Kim/ Getty Images

He hopes his study paves way for more people to live in water for extended periods. To him, spending time underwater will below humanity understand the planet, its various life forms, and many untapped resources.