Stop Deer From Entering Your Yard With These 4 Smart Tricks

By: Lydia Iseh | Last updated: Nov 15, 2023

Unlike a grizzly bear, occasional sightings of deer in your yard can be a lovely and beautiful experience. However, what do you do when the visits become one-too-many and your garden starts disappearing?

The green plants and landscaping of the average suburban neighborhood is a significant draw that attracts deers to residential areas. For deer, the grass is sometimes greener on the human side. Here are some of the measure you can take to deter Bambi from making a feast of your backyard.

Put Up a Deer Fence

You may be wondering if you can walk into Costco and ask to buy a deer fence. Well, there is no such product. It all boils down to understanding what kind of fence will keep the deer away.


Source: Pinterest

First, the fence type you are selecting must be higher than eight feet, because deer are high jumpers. Also, stockade fences are better than wire mesh because deer don’t like jumping over fences they’ve not seen the other side of.

Tickle Their Noses

We don’t literally mean trying to catch deer and massaging their noses. What we do mean is that deer have very sensitive noses, at least more sensitive than humans—they search out food and identify the presence of predators by scent.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Consequently, you can exploit the sensitive noses of deer by leaving fragrant items that will make their sense of smell go haywire. For example, you can leave shredded pieces of Irish Spring soap bars in your garden.

Make It Rain

We know a lot of you were already weighing this option in your head. But no, it’s probably not what you’re thinking. What we mean is to physically scare the deer away—but not with a rifle.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Our grandparents adopted scarecrows and beat pots and pans together. However, you can install a motion-triggered water sprinkler to protect your garden. Once a deer comes around, it triggers the system, and a jet of water is shot in its direction.

Make Your Garden an Unappealing Buffet

Irish Spring soap works incredibly well as deer, rabbit, squirrel, and rat deterrent. However, the soap will definitely lose the potency of its fragrance over time.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

So, another option is to carefully select the kind of plants you grow in your garden. We recommend strong-scented plants like garlic, mint, onions, and lavender, hairy foliage like lambs ear, and thorny plants like cactus and globe thistle. You could also sprinkle in some fern and daffodils, which deer can’t tolerate.