Easy Tips for a Better Garden – You’ll Wonder Why You Didn’t Know These!

By: Ene Ayegba | Last updated: Nov 16, 2023

Gardening is one of the most gratifying activities. Tending to the gifts of nature can provide a boost to your mental health as well as healthier food for your table.

It gets even better if you have some tricks up your sleeves. Let’s go over some fantastic tips that will make your gardening time easier and more productive.

Fight Insects With Black Pepper

Did you know that black pepper can serve as a pesticide? Now you do. Black pepper contains capsaicin and piperine, two chemicals that can scare insects as well as they can spice up your soups and meat.


Source: Getty Images

To get maximum benefits, pour the ground pepper at the base of the plant. You can also add some water if you prefer to spray. Those harmful bugs are going to be the least of your worries.

You Can Re-Use Those Plastic Milk Jugs

Milk jugs shouldn’t go from your fridge to the trash can if you have a garden, especially the transparent ones. These plastic containers can become an effective spray can within one or two minutes.


Source: syuk/ Reddit

Just drill as many holes as the jug’s cap can allow. Fill it with water, replace the lid, and use it to water your plants. The ability to see the water level gives it an edge over the opaque watering cans.

Lemon Rinds Can Nurture Those Delicate Seedlings

Lemon rinds are great for planting those seedlings of yours. Cut the lemon into two parts and remove the flesh, leaving the rind.


Source: SHVETS production/ Pexels

Then, place some potting soil into the rind and insert your seedling. Bury the rind in the soil, as you will see in this video. As the lemon decays, it provides much-needed nutrients to enhance the health of your new plant.

Get Water Directly to the Roots With Plastic Bottles

During the dry season, your plants would prefer getting their water directly to where it’s most needed: the roots. That’s where plastic bottles come in.


Source: Reddit

Just bore some holes at the sides close to the base of the bottle. Then bury the cap-less bottle in the soil. Next, pour some water in, and replace the cap. The water should flow straight into the soil and make your plants smile.