Extreme Pastor Locks Himself in Lion Cage to Prove He’s Protected by God

By: Georgia | Last updated: Nov 19, 2023

A pastor, whose identity remains undisclosed, took a significant risk by enclosing himself in a cage with three lions.

He intended to demonstrate a point of religious belief, drawing inspiration from the biblical narrative of Daniel, which highlights divine protection against harm.

He Invited His Congregation to an Animal Park

Choosing a public setting, the pastor invited his congregation to an animal park.


Source: Jeremy Avery/Unsplash

The intention was to provide a firsthand witness to his demonstration, emphasizing the strength of his faith and his conviction that divine protection would shield him from harm amidst the lions.


His Statement

According to local media outlets, the underlying message behind the pastor’s act was clear: he wanted to illustrate the belief that “nothing can harm a man of God.”


Source: Jacob Bentzinger/Unsplash

This statement reflects deep-rooted faith and confidence in divine intervention, reminiscent of religious scriptures.

The Encounter, Captured on Video

In the footage that captured the incident, the pastor is seen dressed in a bright blue suit.


Source: Jam Press Vid

He not only shared the cage with the lions but went on to interact with them, even going as far as placing his arm in the mouth of one of the lions, all the while maintaining eye contact with the camera.

Biblical Connection

The actions of the pastor in Nigeria seem to be influenced by the story of Daniel from the Bible. As per religious texts, Daniel was cast into a den of lions.


Source: Aaron Burden/Unsplash

However, due to divine intervention, he emerged without any harm. The pastor’s act aimed to be a contemporary manifestation of this tale.

An Offer From Kenya

Upon seeing the footage, Kenyan Member of Parliament (MP) Ronald Karauri extended an offer. The 45-year-old MP proposed to cover all costs to have the pastor sent to the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Source: Ronald Karauri/Instagram

His suggestion was for the pastor to attempt a similar demonstration, but with wild lions in their natural habitat.


Public Reaction

The video naturally generated significant attention, leading to a series of comments and responses from the public.


Source: Leonard von Bibra/Unsplash

One local directly challenged the pastor, saying, “I challenge him to do that at Maasai Mara!” emphasizing the difference between enclosed lions and those in the wild.


Nature of the Lions

One observer pointed out a crucial distinction about the lions, stating, “Those are not lions, they are lion cubs. Big difference.”

Source: Andrea Brataas/Unsplash

This observation indicates a belief that the pastor’s act might not have been as perilous as it initially appeared, due to the age of the lions.


Timing of the Act

Another perspective raised from the reactions was related to the timing.


Source: Eelco Böhtlingk/Unsplash

A local speculated that the pastor might have chosen to enter the cage shortly after the lions had been fed, possibly reducing the risk involved in the act.


Questions on Authenticity

Among the various reactions, some expressed doubts regarding the authenticity of the footage.

Source: Apollo Photography/Unsplash

For instance, one commenter posed a question about the authenticity of the audio in the video, asking, “Why are the growls added over the natural soundtrack?”


Suggestions and Observations

Bill, another commenter, remarked on the nature of the lions in the park, suggesting that they might have been under the influence of sedatives.


Source: Wild Spirit/Unsplash

He stated, “They should have taken him to the wild lions at the Kenyan park, those lions were given drugs.”


A Story That Gripped Many

The incident, captured on film and shared widely, brought forth an array of reactions, questions, and debates.

Source: Timothy Eberly/Unsplash

From expressions of faith to skepticism and curiosity, the event underscored the profound influence of religious narratives and the lengths to which individuals might go to prove their beliefs.