Business Puts Up a ‘No Gen Z’s Allowed’ Sign and Sparks Outrage Among the Generation

By: Carissa | Last updated: Nov 20, 2023

When a small business owner had enough of his young employees slacking off at work, he decided that he was done hiring anyone from the Gen Z crowd. Frustrated and finding it impossible to run a business with entitled employees who refuse to follow the rules, he put a sign in his store window that said “No Gen Z’s Allowed.”

The owner has now gone viral on Twitter after publicizing his controversial decision to exclude Gen Z from working in his shop.

The Cashiers Quit After Their Boyfriends Were Told to Leave

While the owner’s ban against Gen Z may seem a bit harsh, his new policy was implemented for good reason. According to the sign, two cashiers abruptly quit working in the shop because the owner wouldn’t allow their boyfriends to linger around for the duration of their shifts.


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It’s not unreasonable for a business owner to request that his employees work during their shift instead of hanging out with their boyfriends, but the cashiers simply refused to comply.


The Sign Went Up and People Started Talking

The cashiers quit on the spot, leaving the business owner without any staff to operate the store. Without any help, he was forced to temporarily close the store – but not before displaying an interesting sign in the window.


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“I apologize for us closing again,” the sign said. “My two new cashiers quit because I said their boyfriends couldn’t stand here for their entire shift. Don’t hire Gen Z’s. They don’t know what work actually means. Now hiring! Baby boomers only. Thanks!”

The Real Meaning of “Gen Z”

What does the shop owner’s sign actually mean? In short, he’s refusing to hire young people because of their lack of work ethic. Gen Z represents a generation of teenagers and young adults who were “born between the mid-to-late 1990s and the early 2000s.” 


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The oldest person who would qualify as a Gen Z would be 27 years old. The shop owner is likely hoping to find someone in their 30s or older to work as a cashier.

“Baby Boomers” Are More Employable to the Shop Owner

The irritable boss is on the hunt for new employees – but they must meet his age requirements to even be considered for the job. His sign suggests that “baby boomers” are more desirable employees, meaning anybody born between 1946 and 1964 would be eligible to apply.


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This is an interesting stance for the boss to take, as it appears that he is discriminating against potential applicants based on their age.

Age Discrimination is a Real Problem

As one would expect, the small business owner’s sign prompted a polarizing response from people online. A heated debate ensued in the comment section where Twitter users clashed about their opinions on ageism, stereotypes, and the business owner’s questionable hiring process.

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In the United States, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act prohibits age discrimination against job applicants that are over the age of 40. There is no policy in place for younger applicants, although different policies vary by state.


Everybody Has an Opinion on the Matter

Opinions regarding the controversial shop sign are all over the map. One commenter said, “My boomer mother would bend over backwards trying to agree with this sign.” Another commenter pointed out the obvious concerns for his hiring methods, saying, “Age discrimination. What a way to get your business shut down for good for the hiring practices.”

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Other people took a different stance on the shop owner’s bold way of running his business, saying, “Imagine reading that sign and thinking, ‘this seems like someone I’d like to work for!”


While baby boomers certainly have their upsides, so does Gen Z. One commenter pointed out that Gen Z is able to handle the stress of a crowded store much better than older employees, saying, “I would pay good money to watch baby boomers deal with an afternoon rush.”

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Many young people apply to be cashiers, which leaves the shop owner with a much smaller pool of potential hires now that he’s refusing to give jobs to Gen Z.