8 Ex-NBA Players Who Now Have Regular 9-5 Day Jobs

By: Lauren Wurth | Last updated: Nov 15, 2023

Do you secretly envy NBA players? If yes, you’re not alone. From earning millions of dollars to fame, extravagant lifestyle, and everything in between, the league’s stars are living the life many people can only dream of. But have you ever wondered what becomes of them when they hang up their sneakers?

Our curiosity led us to dig into the lives of several former NBA players to find out what they’ve been up to since they left the court. Trust us when we say some of our discoveries will be nowhere close to what you imagine.

Darko Milicic, Serbian Apple Farmer

Who on earth makes a transition from NBA star to apple farmer in Serbia? No one else but the legendary sever-foot-tall center Darko Milicic. Milicic didn’t have an impressive career in the NBA as he had hoped. So, he sold his Pistons championship ring after retiring from the league in 2013 and donated the money to charity.


Source: 100hiljadasrba/Instagram

Next, he returned to Serbia, his home country, where he explored his passion for apples by investing millions of dollars into an apple farm. Fortunately, he’s doing amazing in this business, producing more than 10,000 pounds of fruit every year.


Derrick Coleman Delivers Clean Water to Flint, Michigan Residents

NBA Rookie of the Year 1991 Derrick Coleman’s career was threatened following his involvement in an infamous on-court fighting scandal. The Pistons released him in 2015 after 15 seasons. He then went back to doing what he had always dreamed of—supplying the good people of his hometown, Flint, with clean water.


Source: blackdetrioters/Instagram

Coleman has shown his dedication to this cause by personally driving 65 miles every day to supply fresh water. He also wants to create more jobs in the city.

Shawn Bradley, Ranch Owner

Shawn Bradley has his intimidating frame to thank for his successful NBA career. His ability to block shots perfectly made him the darling of the Nets and the Mavericks in the late ’90s.


Source: todayshow/Instagram

Since his retirement in 2005, Bradley has encountered numerous new hurdles, especially in politics. Now he’s a Utahn cowboy who also runs Mammoth Machinery, a rental company for heavy equipment.

Latrell Sprewell is a Priceline Pitchman!!!

Latrell Sprewell will go down in history as a brilliant basketball player who let his aggressive nature overshadow his talent. Sprewell was the subject of numerous controversies throughout his career and got suspended after an argument with his coach.


Source: nbaheated/Instagram

He eventually suffered a financial crisis after a custody lawsuit and is now a pitchman for Priceline. Talk about a grace-to-grass story!

Kevin Garnett, TV Show Host

Kevin Garnett was a force to reckon with in his time in the NBA. His career can be described as nothing less than illustrious. But all good things come to an end, and he retired from the league in 2016.

Source: kgcertified/Instagram

Since then, Garnett has transitioned into host of and commentator for Area 21, a TV show about NBA games and current happenings—don’t you just love him?!?


Hakeem Olajuwon, Real Estate Executive

Nigerian ex-NBA star, Hakeem Olajuwon, is a true success story. He’s doing incredibly well as a real estate mogul, just like his career playing for the Houston Rockets.


Source: hakeemolajuwon34/ Instagram

Olajuwon retired from professional basketball after 18 seasons and decided to dominate Houston’s real estate market. Rumored to be worth over $300 million, he is proud owner of Palladio Development Ltd.


Dennis Rodman, Wearer of Many Hats

Dennis Rodman was a man whose name was on the lips of almost every NBA enthusiast during his tenure. He won five NBA championships and played significant roles in the success story of the Pistons, Bulls, and Spurs.

Source: dennisrodman/Instagram

Upon retiring from professional basketball, Rodman has tried on many hats, from acting to brand ambassador and many things in between! He also seems to have a very close friendship with Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s leader.


Bryant Reeves, Oklahoma Cattle Rancher

Popularly known as “Big Country,” Bryant Reeves was an NBA heavyweight during his time. Unfortunately, he had to retire as a result of a back injury. The good news, though, is that he’s doing great in his new career as a cattle rancher.


Source: rarehoops/Instagram

Reeves invested in an Oklahoma cattle farm soon after his retirement and now lives in a 15,000-square-foot Arcadian ranch.


Life Goes On

There are many other ex-NBA superstars whose post-NBA lives will interest enthusiasts. From Maceo Boston – who went on to run a cupcake bakery – to Wilt Chamberlain – who ended up becoming a jack of all trades – there are many lessons to learn from their life stories.

Source: David Mark/Pixabay

The most important lesson for us is that there’s life after fame and one must endeavor to make the best out of it.