4 Unusual Guidelines That Starbucks Employees Have to Adhere to

By: Alec Donaldson | Last updated: Nov 18, 2023

Starbucks can provide a sense of home no matter how far you are from yours. Much of that may be attributed to the company’s strategy of maintaining high standards in all areas. This includes the drinks offered, employees’ attire, and common area design.

However, Starbucks employees must follow numerous rules, some of which are rather stringent. Every order is carefully crafted, but as these odd requirements demonstrate, there’s more to making you feel at home than that.

Light-Wash Denim Is a No-No

One of Starbucks’ less obvious regulations is that workers can’t work in light-wash denim. Denim is tolerated, but only in dark or black washes.


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Following these standards ensures Starbucks staff offers a unified front to consumers. In addition to jeans, various dark-colored pants, such as black, navy, grey, or brown, are acceptable for work attire. As they say, good food and good attire make a great combination.

It’s All in the Shoes

Have you ever noticed that Starbucks staff always wear comfy shoes? It’s like they’re ready to sprint to the espresso machine at a moment’s notice! But, the workplace dress code prohibits white, mesh, and canvas footwear.


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Starbucks stores’ uniformity and professionalism are paramount; thus, this rule was put in place to protect both. To comply with the policy, socks are also limited to basic colors or minimal designs.

Tattoos: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

As part of the company’s dress code policy, employees are not allowed to display tattoos on their faces or throats. They must also limit their jewelry to two earrings per ear, one nose stud, and a plain wedding band. This is to maintain a professional and conservative appearance.


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These regulations ensure that all employees consistently present themselves with the company’s values and objectives. By adhering to these guidelines, employees can maintain a polished and professional image that reflects positively on the company.

Keep It Clean and Simple

Starbucks places a high priority on maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for its customers. This is especially important given that many customers consume food and beverages on the premises.


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In order to ensure that this standard is consistently met, the company has established a policy that prohibits employees from wearing perfumes, nail polish or other cosmetic products that might chip into the food or beverage or compromise the customer experience another way. This consideration makes Starbucks feel like home, for sure!