These are the Worst Foods For Your Health According to Doctors

By: Max Frost | Last updated: Nov 08, 2023

Life gets the best of us, and we forget to nourish our bodies with wholesome foods. We opt for the convenience of pre-packaged meals that line the local shelves. These quick-fix meals have become the bread and butter of manufacturers, raking in profits at the cost of our well-being.

Look at the everyday products we all know and love, from the fizzy rush of Coke to the sweet taste of Twinkies. While these items appear harmless, consuming them in excess can lead to various health problems!

Diet Cola - $1.19

Oh, the lure of diet cola, the sparkling beverage that promises to be the healthy answer to its sugary cousin. It boasts a sugar-free profile and a calorie count that’s as low as possible, making it the go-to drink. Yet, the Mayo Clinic warns us that excessive consumption could lead to dire consequences.


Source: Youtube

Artificial sweeteners, the culprits behind the lack of sugar and calories, have been linked to chronic kidney disease and other illnesses. While we can’t be sure, it might be a good idea to cut back on soda starting today.


Hotdogs - $2.50-$6 per 12-pack

Here’s a classic snack that’s been a favorite for generations. Yet apparently, this food contains a whole lot more than just animal meat. Maltodextrin, an ingredient commonly found in hot dogs, can wreak havoc on your intestines and stomach if consumed excessively.


Source: ElGatling / Commons wikimedia

Yet, there’s more to this mystery meat than meets the eye. “Poultry meat” is often listed as an ingredient in hot dogs, leaving us questioning the true origin of the meat inside. It’s enough to make us wonder how these things are still being sold!

Breakfast Sandwiches - $3-$5

The breakfast sandwich—a quick and tasty solution to those early morning cravings. And where better to indulge than at fast-food giants like McDonald’s? As delicious as these sandwiches may be, they are high in cholesterol, and consuming them regularly is dangerous.


Source: Amin / Commons wikimedia

According to The Nutrition Twins, indulging in a fast-food breakfast sandwich thrice a week can result in an eight-pound weight gain in just a year. So, think twice before biting into that junk food.

American Cheese Slices - $3.99

Imitation cheese has a reputation for misleading packaging, and it’s easy to see why. Instead of using the traditional milk fat found in real cheese, it is made with vegetable oils, trans fats, flavorings, and preservatives.


Source: Steve Spring / Commons wikimedia

It’s no secret that these ingredients make imitation cheese way less healthy than the real thing, although it is still reasonably tasty to most people. If you’re ever in doubt about whether your cheese is legit, just remember that imitation cheese is cheaper, which is why many consumers prefer them over real cheese.

Commercial Salad Dressings - $2-$4

Eating bland vegetables is super healthy, but let’s face it, they don’t always excite our taste buds. But there’s a solution! We can turn our boring salad into a super-deluxe one with a simple addition—salad dressing.

Source: Renee Comet / Commons wikimedia

Unfortunately, commercial salad dressings are not the best choice. Packed with unhealthy ingredients like vegetable oils, sugar, and trans fats, they can strip away the benefits of a salad. Next time we’re shopping at Costco, let’s look more closely at those labels and choose wisely!


Pre-Packaged Cupcakes - $2.99 per box

Some of us start to think about dessert the moment we are served dinner. Well, it’s hard to believe that there would be many people who would not enjoy a nice sweet treat after a meal, and when we’re talking about cupcakes, there is certainly no second thought.


Source: Noah Wulf / Commons wikimedia

Even though they might seem delicious in that box in the grocery store, one shouldn’t buy them without reading the nutritional value chart. Its high sugar content and high fructose corn syrup can cause several problems. Some include obesity, fatty liver, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. That’s why it would be wise to not include them on every grocery trip.


Gummy Bears - $4.99 per pound

If we ask kids about their favorite snack, we would definitely come across gummy bears many times on the list. Forget kids, even grown-ups enjoy this snack once in a while as it reminds them of their childhood. Unfortunately, no matter how yummy these candies might be, we still don’t recommend eating them daily.

Source: Thomas Rosenau / Commons wikimedia

This candy has so much sugar that it can exceed the daily recommended value for kids by 2 to 3 times with just a small portion of 0.2 pounds. Even if we put the sugar-related health risks aside, there is still something to worry about; petroleum-based dyes. This can cause hyperactivity and attention deficit in kids.


Instant Ramen - $0.13 per pack

Lo and behold, here comes the savior of many college students, the king of easy meals, instant ramen! If someone visits a supermarket, they will find a big number of brands, all providing lip-smacking flavors of instant ramen. Such flavors and the cheap price are enough for anyone to fill their cart with it, but they shouldn’t.


Source: M.akbar.raf / Commons wikimedia

We agree it’s a super convenient meal, but it takes a big toll on a person’s health if they don’t watch their consumption. Its low fiber content isn’t enough to make someone feel full after eating just one pack. Also, instant ramen is packed with sodium, which can easily lead to high cholesterol and blood pressure.


Cheap Bread - $0.88 per loaf

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice sandwich? This highly customizable meal is everyone’s favorite, whether it’s kids or adults. Speaking of sandwiches, it brings us to its core ingredient, bread. Everyone has their own preference for bread, but the store-bought loaf of white bread is a common favorite.

Source: Cheap Bread / Commons wikimedia

While its low cost might end up making it a regular purchase, it comes with a number of concerns. It has a high amount of sugar, fat, and salt, and very low fiber content. Basically, it would harm people’s health and won’t even make them feel full and satisfied.


Pancakes - $2-$4 per box

One can find a wide variety of popular breakfast food options, and perhaps the most important are pancakes. Top them with butter or maple syrup, and one can have a delicious meal to kick-start their day.


Source: Shisma / Commons wikimedia

Some people might find it hard to believe, but pancakes can be a major culprit if someone’s health is deteriorating. Especially boxed pancakes, as they have several preservatives that instantly make them unhealthy. In addition, they have trans-fat and high salt content, which can pose threats to cardiovascular health. So, unless you’re flipping them from scratch,  it would be better to keep the consumption limited.


Coconut Water - $20 per 12-pack

Coconut water is a natural wonder packed with nutrients. From helping us achieve acne-free skin to hydrating our bodies, coconuts offer several health benefits. Yet, experts say that overconsuming this amazing drink can be risky.

Source: Phu Thinh Co / Commons wikimedia

Due to its high potassium content, an imbalance of electrolytes can occur in the body leading to kidney issues. Moreover, coconut water has almost 45-60 calories per cup. Therefore, it is usually not recommended for diabetics or those who wish to burn calories.


Chewing Gum - $1-$3 per pack

For fresher breath and to reduce stress, we often pop a piece of gum in our mouths. Yet, did you know that mindlessly chewing these flavored gums for hours has potential health threats? 


Source: Patrick McDermott/Getty Image

Consuming this synthetic product in excess can cause tooth decay and obesity due to its sugar content. Plus, the constant chewing triggers headaches and jaw pain. So, think twice before grabbing the next bubblegum pack.


Chocolate-Covered Rice Cereal - $3.98 per box

Chocolate cereals would be somewhere at the top among the most famous breakfast options. Yet, health experts assert them to be diet disasters given their low nutritional profile.

Source: Th78blue / wikipedia

This customary breakfast cereal of puffed rice and corn contains artificial chocolate flavoring, trans fat, synthetic sweeteners, and preservatives. For one serving, you’re consuming minimal fiber but more sugar than a couple of donuts!


Kids’ Yogurt Cups - $1.25 per cup

You’re perhaps aware of yogurt’s probiotic goodness. Yet, don’t let that convince you to buy kids’ yogurt cups. Although advertised to contain nutrients such as vitamin D, calcium, and potassium, these are full of added sugars and are high in calories.


Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The artificial colorings and flavors used in children’s yogurt have multiple health risks, such as obesity, diabetes, and heart ailments. Instead, prepare plain yogurt at home that you can sweeten with sliced fruits or honey.


Hot Sauce - $1-$3 per bottle

For a spicy kick in our meals, nothing is better than hot sauce. This amazing condiment livens our tastebuds with its versatile flavor in snacks like tacos and burgers.

Source: Commons wikimedia

Yet, hot sauce doesn’t fit into a healthy diet due to its high sodium content, which may cause increased blood pressure. Besides, it comes with food dyes, artificial flavors, and preservatives that have ill effects on our gut health.


Coffee - $2.99 per cup

Wake up and smell the coffee! It’s one of the world’s most popular drinks and an essential part of many people’s morning routine. But be warned: too much of a good thing can be harmful.


Source: Nicky Loh/Getty Images

Excessive coffee consumption can lead to sleepless nights, headaches, and even heart problems. Don’t let your daily caffeine fix become a health hazard. So, think twice before you take that extra shot!


Meat - $4-$10 per pound

Meat-lovers beware! You may have been told meat is essential for a healthy diet, but did you know that overindulging can be hazardous? Shockingly, most meat on the market today is laced with pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics that pose a significant risk to our health.

Source: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

From beef to fish, these harmful additives remain in their bodies and ultimately end up in ours. Despite the risks, big corporations like Tyson Foods prioritize profits over people’s health.


Flavored Popcorn - $3-$5 per bag

Ready-made popcorn sold in supermarkets may seem like a convenient snack, but they need to do you more favors. Caramel popcorn, for instance, is loaded with artificial flavorings, sugar, and fat.


Source: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

A small bag can contain 12.8 tablespoons of sugar and up to 564 calories! On the other hand, natural popcorn is a delicious and healthy option that won’t sabotage your diet. So, skip the store-bought stuff and pop your own at home. Trust us, your taste buds and waistline will thank you.


Honey - $4 upwards

Think honey’s a healthy superfood? Think again. While it’s praised for its antioxidant properties and healing benefits, honey’s high sugar content may be its downfall.

Source: Commons wikimedia

Cardiologists warn that excessive sugar consumption can lead to heart disease and other health problems. Many experts consider sugar as the ultimate food demon. So, before you add an extra spoonful of nectar to your tea, think twice. Your body will thank you later.


Peanut Butter - $2-$5 per jar

Looking for a snack that’s high in protein and low in carbs? Peanut butter might be your go-to. Healthy fats and a boost of energy make it an excellent choice for a quick fix.


Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Beware: too much of a good thing can quickly turn bad. Daily peanut butter binges can lead to weight gain and high cholesterol, so moderation is key. Keep it to a healthy amount and enjoy the benefits without the risks.


Spray Cheese - $3.93 per can

Spray cheese, while convenient, is not healthy due to its processed ingredients and chemicals. The whipped cheese has more in common with a laboratory concoction than natural food and contains double the amount of salt compared to regular cheese.

Source: James Leynse/Corbis via Getty Images

The Daily Meal warns that the chemicals in spray cheese are not suitable for consumption “by any living person.” For healthier snack options, it’s time to reconsider the love for this cheesy spray.


Artificial Orange Juice - $3-$5 per liter

Artificial orange juice drinks lack nutrition and contain high amounts of sugar, sweeteners, and colorants. They can be worse than regular orange juice and should be consumed moderately.


Source: wikipedia

In an extreme case, a child turned yellow after drinking 1.5 liters daily. If you value your overall health, be cautious with these drinks. Better still, prioritize drinking enough water for better health.


Tube Yogurts - $6.58 per box

Yogurt in a tube is a quick and cheap snack that’s become a staple in many kids’ lunchboxes. While it may be easy to eat, these squeezy yogurts may not be the best for growing bodies. Although some brands contain essential vitamins and calcium, most have less than 10 percent of the recommended daily dose.

Source: pinterest

According to Healthline, it also contains high sugar levels that can cause inflammation, leading to heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Despite the health concerns, these yogurts always fly off the shelves, leaving parents to wonder what to pack for their child’s next lunch.


Sandwich Cookies - $3.19 per box

These popular cookies have been flying off the shelves for years, but there’s a dark side to this sweet treat. Diacetylene, a chemical used to flavor some sandwich cookie brands, can lead to respiratory problems if consumed excessively. 


Source: wikipedia

With high sugar and fat content, these cookies are addictive and hard to resist. Don’t be fooled by their tasty exterior – next time you’re shopping, check the packet for this harmful ingredient.


Iced Tea - $3-$4 per container

Iced tea may seem like a refreshing and healthy option, but appearances can be deceiving. Despite its natural origins, this beverage is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, closer to harmful soft drinks than the tea you brew at home.

Source: David Paul Morris/Getty Images

With a whopping fifteen tablespoons of sugar per bottle, consuming this much glucose in one sitting can cause insulin spikes and increase the risk of diabetes. So, the next time you reach for an iced tea, read the label carefully and make a more informed choice for your health.


Corn Syrup - $1-$3 per bottle

Corn syrup might seem like the ideal sugar substitute for those looking to save a few bucks. This $3 sweetener, however, comes with a hefty health price tag.


Source: youtube

It is linked to insulin resistance, Type II diabetes, and high blood pressure, and its presence in processed foods is a major cause of obesity. So, while it might offer a smooth texture to our jams and jellies, one must remember that too much won’t let our bodies run smoothly.


Regular Cola - $1.19 per can

Colas and other carbonated drinks being bad for health isn’t news. Yet, they have been a mainstay of parties and get-togethers for decades, and their popularity seems far from over.

Source: Gado/Getty Images

Many severely underestimate the health hazards associated with colas. With their high sugar content, weight gain and diabetes are common risks. Furthermore, ingredients in such drinks have been linked to osteoporosis and cancer. Instead of chugging down gallons of cola every year, it’s high time we make healthier choices.


Strawberries - $2.29 per pound

Fruits are renowned for being a healthy snack, but why are strawberries such a problem? Well, it’s a human issue.


Source: Donato Fasano/Getty Images

Research has shown that strawberries contain the highest level of pesticides among all fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, the types of pesticides present can rise to an astonishing twenty- a sign of alarm since they are eaten with their skin. To ensure safety, it’s important to wash them before consumption. Alternatively, people can also grow them naturally in their home gardens!


Pork Rinds - $4-$6 per bag

If you’re on a weight loss journey, you may have been tempted to reach for those bags of pork rinds. From zero carbs to high protein content, this tasty snack surely sounds like a dream.

Source: William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

Unfortunately, the reality is far from it. Pork rinds carry high saturated fat, sodium, and calories, which can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and diabetes. It’s best to look for something healthier rather than falling for the false pork rind promises.


Caramel Popcorn - $3-$5 per bag

Almost every unhealthy food is loaded with sugar, and caramel popcorns are no different. Besides the sugar, caramel popcorns also have a significant amount of calories, fats, and sodium which are the bearer of heart diseases and extra pounds.


Source: wikipedia

The worst thing about such snacks is that moderating their consumption is quite challenging. With a sugary sweetness that seems neverending and addictive, it’s easy to find yourself consuming bowl after bowl before you know it.


Ketchup - $4

If you like to put ketchup on everything, this one is for you. Here is something you may not want to hear; ketchup is actually bad for you. It is loaded with too much sugar and sodium. Many renowned cardiologists have shared that only two tablespoons of ketchup contain 320 milligrams of sodium. 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

More shockingly, eight grams of sugar make up only two tablespoons of ketchup. It is certainly time to discover a healthier path.


Potato Chips- $2 to $5

Chips are one of the most popular snacks you would find in almost every home, and for a good reason, they taste amazing and come in different flavors. These chips are traditionally made out of thinly sliced potatoes and are usually salted. 


Source: theterracekitchen/Instagram

They can be made in different ways, from baked to fried, and this is one of the main reasons why they are not a healthy choice of meal. They contribute little to nothing in terms of nutritional value and are also high in fat.


Doughnuts - $0.89 to $1.50

For the love of doughnuts! They are a choice of snacks that most people opt for. They come in a variety of ways, including glazed, with other toppings, and sometimes fillings like jam or chocolate. 

Source: Getty Imaages

Although all these sound delicious, they can be quite bad for your health. Doughnuts pack a lot of heart-stopping trans fat, cholesterol, and saturated fat, which is why you need to stay away from them. 


Canned Soup - $2.26

Canned soups are convenient. All you have to do is pop one open, heat it up, and get going with your spoon. While they are easy meals, they are quite dangerous for your health. 


Source: BW/Twitter

Most of the broths contain around 500 milligrams of sodium per cup. Also, considering the many other salty ingredients that would be added to these canned soups, that makes up too much sodium in one day. 


Fruit Smoothies - $2.39 to $2.89

Fruits smoothies are good, right? They are made from fruits, so they have to be healthy. This belief is, in fact, wrong. 

Source: Getty Images

In theory, fruit smoothies should be healthy. However, with these smoothies, it is quite hard to count how many grams of sugar are in them when you mix different types of fruits together and you are busy slurping them away. The problem with these smoothies is serving size and sugar.